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When you or a loved one needs hospice care, it’s important to know that you can select any hospice organization that provides care in your area. No matter who your physician is, or what type of insurance you have, it’s ultimately your choice.

That’s why hundreds of families turn to Hospice of Southwest Ohio every year. Our experienced staff and volunteers are uniquely qualified to provide the medical care, comfort and companionship you and your loved ones deserve.

Responsive Care

We provide support and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Local Company

We are a local hospice program, providing hospice services to all of southwest Ohio. We know the community, its culture, its values and the many available support agencies.

Unique Programs

Only Hospice of Southwest Ohio offers these unique programs: Make a Memory, LifeDisk™, Vgo, Voice Your Choice and Open Hearts.


We have one focus: hospice and palliative care. Our team has years of experience in treating individuals on the hospice journey.

Electronic Medical Records

When you need to check on a loved one’s condition, access is easy with our electronic records. Charts are always up-to-date and can be accessed at any time.

Interdisciplinary Team

Our patients receive enhanced levels of care through experienced medical professionals, support staff and volunteers.

Hospice Costs and Benefit Options

Because the decision to seek hospice care generates intense feelings such as anxiety, isolation, grief and confusion, it is helpful to know that financial support is available. Understanding the financial obligations and benefits before the time of need can significantly lessen anxiety.

The majority of hospice patients incur no out-of-pocket costs for medical equipment, supplies and services related to the terminal illness. This is because hospice services are covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit as well as most private insurance plans.

Hospice of Southwest Ohio is a Medicare provider. The Medicare Hospice Benefit covers the full scope of medical and support services for a life-limiting illness. Hospice of Southwest Ohio also supports the family and loved ones through a variety of services.

We are available to help you understand your individual plan as it relates to hospice services. Hospice of Southwest Ohio will conduct an insurance verification to determine benefits available.

Hospice of Southwest Ohio accepts Medicaid.

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Hospice Care Contact Information

7625 Camargo Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243

Phone: 513.770.0820
Fax: 513.770.0848
e-mail: info@hswo.org

Director of Marketing
Phone: 513.528.8142
e-mail: info@hswo.org

Palliative Care Information
Director CareBridge Palliative Care Services
Phone: 513.528.8150

Teen Volunteer Information
Phone: 513.528.8144
e-mail: info@hswo.org

Adult Volunteer Information
Phone: 513.528.8144
e-mail: info@hswo.org

Mission Statement

At Hospice of Southwest Ohio, we are dedicated to providing quality comfort care and support in meeting the medical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of our patients, families, caregivers, staff and community in a way that affirms life and supports choices in an environment of dignity and respect. HSWO’s caring employees and volunteers are empowered to fulfill this vision…with every patient…every day.


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