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Hospice Care

Make the end-of-life journey memorable with quality care

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In Your Home

Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides care in your loved one's private home, allowing them to continue living in a familiar space.
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In Our Care Center

Our Patient Care Center located in Madeira, Ohio provides short- and long-term, 24-hour hospice care.
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In a Healthcare Center

We provide care in a number of healthcare facilities, allowing your loved one to stay in a familiar and comfortable space.
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Respite Care

Many people need additional help, have an event they need to attend, travel requirements or just need a little break. We’re here for you.
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Palliative Care

Get relief from symptoms of serious illnesses with a team of trained specialists

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Chronic Disease Symptom Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness go through a lot of stress. Palliative care provides support for those suffering from pain or other symptoms of chronic diseases.
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Pain Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness can suffer from pain as a result. Palliative care focuses on providing personalized support for these patients, helping them reach a higher quality of life.
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As we begin to face a resurgence of COVID 19, we want you to know that you are not in this alone. We stand ready to help you meet the needs of your patients and their families as we strive together to make it through this pandemic as best we all can.

Things you should know about Hospice of Southwest Ohio:

  • We are committed to seamless continuity of care and provide a warm family like environment for patients caring for them in the setting that is most comfortable for them.
    • Their own home
    • The hospital setting
    • Skilled nursing facilities
    • Our special inpatient hospice house/care center
  • Following all guidelines for testing and protocols including telehealth, we provide supplemental staffing to help ease the burden of “Covid Fatigue” on your staff.
  • We can assist with your patients requiring a higher acuity of care.
  • We have a secure nine bed Inpatient Unit conveniently located near i-71 in the Madeira/Kenwood community.
  • We offer a private pay daily residential rate for Hospice Patients looking for a community to call home.
  • We offer a 1 to 4 Nurse to Patient ratio.
  • Dr. Richard Sternberg, Medical Director and Dr. Arvind Modawal, Associate Medical Director are Hospice and Palliative Care Board Certified.

Our dedicated Rapid Response team is waiting for your call. Please place our number prominently in a convenient location for staff. If you have questions or have a patient appropriate for Palliative or Hospice care, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call Today!

513.770.0820 - phone
513.770.0313 – fax