Hospice Care

Make the end-of-life journey memorable with quality care

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In Your Home

Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides care in your loved one's private home, allowing them to continue living in a familiar space.
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In Our Care Center

Our Patient Care Center located in Madeira, Ohio provides short- and long-term, 24-hour hospice care.
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In a Healthcare Center

We provide care in a number of healthcare facilities, allowing your loved one to stay in a familiar and comfortable space.
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Respite Care

Many people need additional help, have an event they need to attend, travel requirements or just need a little break. We’re here for you.
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Palliative Care

Get relief from symptoms of serious illnesses with a team of trained specialists

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Chronic Disease Symptom Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness go through a lot of stress. Palliative care provides support for those suffering from pain or other symptoms of chronic diseases.
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Pain Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness can suffer from pain as a result. Palliative care focuses on providing personalized support for these patients, helping them reach a higher quality of life.
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Personalized primary care in the comfort of your own home


For the most personalized experience, CareBridge offers primary care in the comfort of the patient’s home. In-home primary care is for anyone homebound with a serious illness or injury, regardless of age or prognosis. This includes a focus on managing symptoms and providing treatment and curative interventions to promote a better quality of life.


What to expect with in-home primary care

With in-home primary care, seniors and other adult patients benefit from chronic disease symptom management and emotional support in the presence of communicators, coordinators and advocates. It’s a perfect option for homebound or home-limited patients who may have trouble traveling to a doctor’s office.

The following services can be performed with in-home primary care:

  • Routine check-ups
  • Lab work
  • Hospitalization follow-ups
  • EKGs
  • Sick visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • X-rays

With a team approach to care, the CareBridge core in-home primary care teams include a doctor, nurse practitioners and social workers.

How often will I receive a primary care visit in my home?

The CareBridge team makes house calls on a monthly basis. With a complete and holistic care approach, the team is trained to work closely with patients and their families, caregivers, home health nurses, social workers and therapists.

What are the benefits of in-home primary care?

With in-home primary care from CareBridge, patients’ quality of life improves for a number of reasons. Here are some of the ways in-home primary care helps patients:

  • 24/7 clinical support by phone (including holidays)
  • Ability to follow patients as they change level of care
  • Care management of high-risk patients
  • Medication management and adherence strategies
  • Monthly, routine visits in the home setting (if no changes of conditions have been noted)
  • Physician oversight while in UC West Chester, Atrium or Fort Hamilton Hospital
  • Post-hospitalization discharge follow-up
  • Preventative care, including health assessments, immunizations and functional assessments
  • Proven reduction of emergency department use and hospitalization
  • Same day/next-day symptom management visits
  • Sick visits upon request
  • Social worker and chaplain visits available upon request
  • Weekly medical assistance and rounds made internally at facilities that list us as a preferred provider

During the first primary care home visit, the CareBridge team spends at minimum one hour with the new patient. By learning more about each person and their distinctive needs and wishes, the team can take a more complete and holistic care approach.

In addition, CareBridge can help provide assistance with history and physicals in an expedited fashion if nursing home and assisted living communities need a fast move-in (patient should approve of transferring to our program indefinitely).

Should the patient have a preference on having a female or male primary care option, CareBridge can meet that request. Finally, in-home primary care will ensure continuity of care when a patient needs end-of-life care, due to the Hospice of Southwest Ohio partnership.

Who covers the cost of in-home primary care?

CareBridge Primary Care services are covered by Medicare Part B in the same way physicians bill patients. Typically an 80/20 ratio payment is processed. Deductibles and co-pays may be applied. CareBridge also readily accepts patients with Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

How can I get started with in-home primary care?

CareBridge requires a referral from the patient’s previous primary care doctor, and a face sheet of personal information faxed to (513) 528-8151. A cover sheet requesting a primary care consult will expedite the first nurse practitioner visit. It’s also important that each new patient notify their insurance that their new primary care physician is CareBridge Primary Care, to avoid co-pays.


Where does CareBridge offer in-home primary care?

CareBridge Primary Care services are available to anyone in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio, area in the following counties:

  • Clermont County
  • Butler County
  • Warren County
  • Hamilton County
  • Montgomery County
  • Greene County

Ready to experience convenient, in-home pain relief from chronic symptoms?

CareBridge Primary Care is here to help. Explore their website, or contact their team at (513) 528-8150 on their 24-hour referral line.