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Hospice Care

Make the end-of-life journey memorable with quality care

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In Your Home

Hospice of Southwest Ohio provides care in your loved one's private home, allowing them to continue living in a familiar space.
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In Our Care Center

Our Patient Care Center located in Madeira, Ohio provides short- and long-term, 24-hour hospice care.
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In a Healthcare Center

We provide care in a number of healthcare facilities, allowing your loved one to stay in a familiar and comfortable space.
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Respite Care

Many people need additional help, have an event they need to attend, travel requirements or just need a little break. We’re here for you.
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Palliative Care

Get relief from symptoms of serious illnesses with a team of trained specialists

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Chronic Disease Symptom Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness go through a lot of stress. Palliative care provides support for those suffering from pain or other symptoms of chronic diseases.
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Pain Management

People who are diagnosed with an acute or chronic serious illness can suffer from pain as a result. Palliative care focuses on providing personalized support for these patients, helping them reach a higher quality of life.
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24-hour hospice care in a homelike environment


Our Care Center in Madeira, centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides short-term respite and residential hospice care. We accept new patients transitioning from a hospital or other healthcare setting, as well as current hospice patients requiring inpatient care for uncontrollable symptoms.

What to expect in our Care Center

In our Care Center, our team provides support in the following ways:

  • We help manage acute symptoms, including pain and shortness of breath
  • Our professional hospice team adjusts medication and treatment plans
  • Hospice of Southwest Ohio offers respite care when family caregivers require a break
  • Residential care is available for those needing additional support for their disease symptoms 24 hours a day

About our inpatient care team 

All patient care is overseen by board-certified hospice physicians who make daily rounds to the Care Center.

We have a team of licensed nurses, social workers, chaplains and hospice aides who specialize in providing individualized care to meet patients' medical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs.

Enjoy solace in our private suites

Our Care Center is equipped with nine private suites to make the hospice experience as relaxing as possible. 

  • A personal sound system for every room
  • Cable television
  • Space for visitors and overnight guests, with comfortable sleeping arrangements (family and friends are welcome at all times, regardless of age)
  • Private, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms
  • Family gathering spaces with a community kitchen, chapel for prayer and meditation, internet access, peaceful outdoor gardens and a consultation room

Additional benefits of our Care Center

Our team offers therapies and services to add to patients’ comfort and peace of mind, including:

  • Complimentary gentle massage to alleviate pain, reduce swelling or ease difficulty breathing
  • Grief support
  • Music ministry
  • Pet Interaction Program and scheduled visits with family pets

How do I pay for hospice in the Care Center?

Wherever the patient decides to have hospice care, most private insurance companies and Medicare cover the cost — however it will depend on their individual plan.


What are the benefits of hospice in the Care Center?

With Hospice of Southwest Ohio's Care Center, patients benefit from the following:

  • Continued care in the comfort of our modern, homelike environment
  • A personalized care plan based on specific needs
  • Access to professional support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Private suites with ample space for overnight guests and more benefits

The Care Center is located in Cincinnati, where Madeira and Indian Hill intersect. If it's not easily accessible for your family, we can provide hospice care in a hospital or other healthcare setting.


Interested in learning more about our Care Center?

We'd love to have you visit for a tour of our Care Center. You can also contact our team to obtain more information about our services any time of day, any day of the week.


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